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Our Community

We are a practice community in the Soto tradition of Zen Buddhism. We offer a supportive and inclusive environment for beginners and long-term practitioners of Zen and meditation in Bowling Green and northwest Ohio. We also provide a collaborative space for a broad array of other meditation, mindfulness, and holistic health practices.

Issan Simon Morgan-Russell, Phil Junpo Dickinson, Caroline Dawson, and Pete Kakuten DeWood lead the practice periods, Issan, Junpo, and Kakuten in the Soto Zen tradition, and Caroline in the Vipassana and Yogic traditions.

Who We Are

Issan Simon Morgan-Russell

Issan’s interest in Zen Buddhism began while he was in high school, and he practiced by himself or with friends through college. His first encounter with a teacher occurred during a sesshin in 1996; he continued to practice with a number of teachers and communities, receiving jukai, shukke tokudo, and finally denpo shiho from Pierre Taigu Turlur in 2017. Issan has been empowered as an authorized teacher by Taigu in the Order of Mountains and Clouds.

Issan lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, with his spouse and two children. He is a professor and administrator at a local university.

Phil Junpo Dickinson

Phil is a co-leader at empty clouds.

Caroline Dawson

Caroline is a co-leader at empty clouds.

Peter Kakuten DeWood

Pete is a co-leader at empty clouds.